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Related article: The Higher Ethics of this Question, more directly, however, in its re- lation to field sports, was a few years ago very brilliantly dealt with by Mr. W. Earl Hodgson, in the National Review, who logi- cally riddled Mr. Herbert Spen- cer's doctrine that "such sports as angling, coursing, deer-stalking, game-shooting, <&c., were less re- prehensible than prize-fighting, because the attainment of food affords a partial motive.*' The fact that sport produces food, Diclofenac 50mg says Mr. Hodgson, may, of course, determine our view oi sport, but it cannot, if we wish to be true Diclofenac Gel to the one science or the Diclofenac Mg other, in- fluence us as it has influenced Mr. Spencer. Either it is no jus- tification at all, or it is justification absolute. It is no justification at all if our ethics are absolute. If sport is wrong because it is ac- companied by pain, it is no whit less wrong because it is accom- panied by gain. On the other hand, that sport produces food is an absolute justification if eco- nomics is absolute. If the pro- duction of food is in itself righteous, its righteousness Purchase Diclofenac Online is in no measure mitigated by the fact that the production is necessarily accompanied by pain. I am not prepared to advocate the resusci- tation of prize-fighting, for I verily believe that in the present state of society its admitted evils would be aggravated by that which has ruined wrestling, and is destined to Diclofenac Sodium ruin football. What Is Diclofenac Buy Diclofenac Online I humbly join with the Hon. F. Lawley, and use the familiar phrase, " Give even the devil his due." Diclofenac Online Let us frankly recognise the great fact that our honest, John-Bull repu- tation for fair, stand-up fighting, as contrasted with the use of the Order Diclofenac Online Boer white flag, the Corsican dagger, the Borgian " cups of wine," the Nihilist or other An- archist dynamite bomb, the bullet sneakingly fired from behind a hedge, or revengeful " houghing " of God's dumb creatures, owes much to the fact that boxing was at one time a manly national sport. Reminiscences. Sir James Boswell, Bt., and "Jamie Goudie." One of my earliest remini- scences of the "noble art" is linked with the degenerate bearer ■9oa] THE ETHICS OF THE PRIZE RING. 105 of a great historic name — Sir James Boswell, Bt., of Auchin- leck, grandson of Boswell, John- son's biographer, and son of the brilliant and ill-fated Sir Alexan- der Boswell. With him I asso- ciate the close companion of his latter days, James Goidie, or "Jamie Goudie," the once famous Glasgow bruiser. Sir James in- herited a noble estate and nobler family traditions. But pride of ancestral prestige, stretching back in an unbroken line to pre- Re- formation days ; veneration for the memory of one of the most illustrious pillars of the Court of Session in the eighteenth century, his great-grandfather, Lord Au- chinleck ; pride of the literary fame of his grandfather (in fact, of that he was rather ashamed) ; Buy Diclofenac or respect for the memory of his worthy and illustrious father, Sir Alexander, he was utterly desti- tute, or cared very little indeed. And yet Sir James Boswell in his better days must have been a man of innate gentlemanly, even chivalric and generous impulses. He had what we Ayrshire people familiarly describe as a '* sklate off" his head and the devil drink had got inside possession. One of his mad freaks was the un- limited preservation of rabbits on his estate. For this he employed several gamekeepers; some of them arrant rogues who connived at poaching, ferretting and net- ting, by farmers' sons and the villagers of the Haugh, Mauch- line, Catrine and Ochiltree, with whom they shared the proceeds. I know of several farmers, tenants under long leases, who were hope- lessly ruined by the rabbit pest, and in winter, when the Sodium Diclofenac rivers Ayr and Lugar were frozen over, the starving brutes, having eaten up every blade of grass and barks of trees as far as they could reach on their own hunting ground. invaded the lands of Ballochmyle and Barskimming, where they were legitimately destroyed. In Cheap Diclofenac time, farmhouses and farms be- came tenantless, thousands of beautiful and useful forest trees perished slowly for want of the natural sap and root Purchase Diclofenac sustenance, whilst vast Diclofenac Voltaren tracks of once rich and fertile land degenerated into huge rabbit warrens. On Willox Hill Moor the adjoining farms of Braehead, Sklate-hole, <&c., I have seen rabbits lying dead in dozens, starved and frozen to death, not worth picking up and hardly affording food for the hawks and wood and barn owls which Voltaren Diclofenac in those days were plentiful in that part of Ayrshire. There was a well-grounded tradition in the neighbourhood that Sir James had •* sworn an aith '* that if ever he met Stuart of Dunearn, the Fac- tory Inspector, who shot his father in the famous duel in Fife (1822), on any of his visits to the Catrine or Haugh Mills, he would blow his brains out. No such encounter ever took place, but I well re- member the anxious look-out for Sir James when the dreaded Inspector paid his visits. Sir James, who had associated with and been taught the " noble art of self-defence '* by Goidie in his wild days, greatly befriended that poor fellow, and to my knowledge kept him frequently and long about the ** big house '* ; never in it, I believe. To do the man justice, he had a kind of chivalric respect for Lady Bos- well, a most perfect gentlewoman of high religious and pure moral character, given all her life to acts of devotion and charity. Nothing delighted Sir James more than Diclofenac 75mg to assemble a number of boys in a large loft of a building in front of the dog kennels, and, under his own and Goudie*s instructions, set a boxing match io6 Gel Diclofenac BAILY S MAGAZINE. [August agoing. This was great fun, and sometimes hard knocks were given. I must say, however, to the credit of both ** teachers " Generic Diclofenac that they strenuously inculcated the great fighting Order Diclofenac principle of " hitting above the belt " and squarely. I have seen many a bout between Sir James and Goudie, and al- Buy Cheap Diclofenac though the former was a good